Sunday, November 12, 2023

I Didn't Do It by Jaime Lynn Hendricks

Title: I Didn't Do It
Author: Jaime Lynn Hendricks
Publisher: Scarlet
Release Date: May 23, 2023

"Brisk, snarky, and delicious." ― People Magazine A murder at a suspense writer convention makes everyone a suspect―especially the victim’s literary rivals.Murderpalooza, the premier thriller writers conference, is meant to be an exciting celebration of the genre and its preeminent writers. But when bestselling author and industry favorite Kristin Bailey is found dead in her hotel room, four rival authors―a midlister, an egomaniac, a has-been, and a newbie―also get targeted by an anonymous social media account and wonder if they’re next.

First, they find themselves bonding to try to find out who’s behind it. As the account taunts them, it slowly reveals secrets that each of them have connected to Kristin―secrets that make them a suspect in each other’s eyes. Soon, they are turning on each other and silently accusing each as a killer. With time running out until the awards ceremony where the social media account has promised a big reveal, the only thing they know for sure is that no one is better at both creating and solving a mystery than the people who write them for a living.

Jaime Lynn Hendricks gives the reader a thrilling peek into the thriller writing world and those that inhabit it in this gripping suspense novel.

It sucked me in!

It's time for Murderpalooza! The main thriller conference is for fans to get closer to their idols and for writers to network into their next book deal. The last evening of the conference, it finishes with an award ceremony.

Then, on the first morning of the event, one of the nominees to win the award, Kristin Bailey is found murdered in her hotel room. Kristin was quite famous and successful. She was liked well by other writers. Who would want to hurt her?

Suddenly, a new Twitter account pops up and goes by the handle @MpaloozaNxt2Die. This account is only following four writers, all with connections to Kristin:

Vicky Overton is another nominee. She lives in Florida (yay) with her boyfriend Jim. She is hoping to get her agent/publisher to promote her second book.

Davis Walton is the most famous author despite his novel not being published yet. He already has a movie deal and women are sweet on him.

Mike Brooks is the Has Been. He had a super successful first few years but now his books are not selling. He is working on promoting his newest novel which he co-wrote with a mystery author.

The last one in this quartet is Suzanne Shih. She has signed with an agent for her first novel. She is super excited about the whole event as a fan and a newbie writer. She is also Kristin's stalker.

Did one of them do it or is one of them the next one to die?

My favorite characters were Vicky and Mike. Davis was hateful for the most part and Suzanne needed to be committed.

I was able to guess the main twist but there was a couple that I didn't see coming

I truly enjoyed, Jaime Lynn Hendricks's Finding Tessa, didn't read her sophomore book but I'm glad I read I Didn't Do It.

I can't wait for what she has planned next.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by Scarlet via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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