Monday, June 4, 2012

Mystery Man (Dream Man #1) by Kristen Ashley

Gwendolyn Kidd's life  became complicated after meeting the man of her dreams.  She met him over a year ago. 
She saw him walking into the restaurant where she was drinking Cosmos, keeping her friend's company. In that second she fell in love with him. She took him home and slept with him. He leaves during the night without leaving his name or number. To her surprise he continues to appear to her at night. Gwen is too scared to talk to him and discovers that he may not feel the same way.  
Gwen's life changes when a friend of her crazy sister Ginger knocks on her door and informs her that she will be in serious trouble if Ginger doesn't return the money.
Gwen decides to visit her sister's last boyfriend Dog, who is part of Chaos a biker's club. When she gets there she discovers that they are not a couple anymore but she also meets hottie number two, Tack, Chaos's president.  She finds him attractive and vice versa.
Once she gets back home, her mystery man is there, in DAYLIGHT! He is mad at her for getting noticed in the underworld of crime. She is not happy with his super alpha behavior and realizes that maybe she is wrong about him being her Dream Man. 
Cabe "Hawk" Delgado is super pissed at Gwen. He is trying to keep her safe and has had her under surveillance for a while.  He knows her sister is trouble and on top of that, Tack has noticed his woman. To makes matter worse, we meet Mitch, good cop, and hottie number three who throws his hat in, on the fight for Gwen's attention. 
Can Gwen survive the mess her sister placed her in? Can she survive Hawk? Yes he is Hot, but he is also bossy, arrogant and exasperating at times.

I enjoyed this book, many funny parts. I liked that Hawk had nice competition. Both Mitch and Tack were good to Gwen. Tough choice for a lucky girl. Elvira as a secondary character is too cool.
4/5 Fangs

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