Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vacation From Love by Joan Conning Afman

Raina is going on vacation with her best friend from work Marisol. She is in a way running away from Duff for one week

Duff has made it very clear that he loves her but he will be leaving soon when he gets a better job offer. He is in love with Raina but they don't like the same things. Duff likes museums, Ballet, gourmet food, etc. Raina likes Burger King, movies and having a good time.

Duff worries about this vacation and he comes up with the excuse that his grandmother is dead to be able to leave work at the same time that Raina does. He follows her through most of their vacation. They both learn new things during the trip.

My personal opinion - Duff behaves more like a stalker. He doesn't give her time alone. What kind of relationship starts with so many lies?

2/5 Fangs

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